​Egyptian Bellydance is a fusion of folk dances from Egypt and Persia with Ballet. It's movement language is most similar to hip hop & street dance than other dance forms, but in style it is similar to Latin dances such as Flamenco, Tango & Salsa.​


Since Egyptian culture (and Arabic culture in general) is very conservative, Bellydance is not a partner dance even though it is a social dance, and men and women traditionally dance separately in single sex social groups. It holds a similar social space in Arabic culture that Celidh dancing holds in Scottish culture.

Tara has been teaching bellydance for over 12 years and is a friendly and knowledgeable teacher. She has trained in a variety of bellydance styles including Egyptian, Tribal Fustion and ATS. Her personal style is best described as Bellydance Fusion. She has a JWAAD Foundation Certificate in Teaching Arabic Dance, and is a member of MOSAIC Arabic Dance Network.


Since stepping foot into her first bellydance class in 1998, Tara has trained with a wide variety of bellydance teachers from all over the world, including regular classes with Pauline Sayhi, Khaled Mahmoud, Galit Mersand and Hilde Canoodt.


Over the years she has taken many workshops in a huge range of Bellydance styles, techniques and props. Teachers she has attended workshops with (to name but a few!) include:


Egyptian style:

Mahmoud Reda, Leila Hadad, Nawarra, Orit, Serena Ramzay, Yasmina of Cairo


Fusion styles:

Mira Betts (Performance Intensive), Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Tjarda, Amy Sigil, Frederique, Sharon Kihara, Donna Mejia, Anasma, Charlotte Wassel


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